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ASRA - Nocturnal Journey

This is the title of the debut album recorded in September 2022 at the Jazzcampus Basel. In addition to publishing their very first album on the German label XJazz! Music (Berlin), ASRA had the chance to work in collaboration with producer Michael Haves from Berlin, bringing songwriter and bandleader Catherine Tang's musical interpretation of the night to life. 

The title does not only reflect the nocturnal themes within the compositions but also the metaphorical journey of musical and personal self-discovery and artistic expression.

Over two years, the group has worked and discussed intensively their first musical ideas up to the final studio recording. The Basel based group, joined by Ruben Kilchling (as), Joseph Bijon (g), Paul Pattusch (b) and Lucas Zibulski (dr) invites the listeners to immerse themselves in a musical world using sound landscapes that oscillate between American and European jazz as well as pop moments - encouraging wandering thoughts through warm acoustic sounds and glimpses of electroacoustics. A fresh footprint of a young quintet on their way artistic independence within the contemporary jazz world.

In times of increasing musical devaluation, ASRA places emphasis on the physical release of their music on vinyl and CD, creating a visible and tangible counterpart to all the love, work and joy that the album embodies. 


Our vinyls have arrived!

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